The groomsman gift market is incredibly over-saturated. There is a huge variety of gifts you can buy for women, but for men the same gift ideas circulate over and over.

I buy my dad beer, gadgets and coffee beans for every birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas because every time I look for a quirky gift, the results fall short.

When it comes to buying groomsman gifts, you could fall back on these simple, overused ideas or, you could buy your groomsman something he will keep hold of to remind him of your wedding day and your friendship.

Here are some unique gifts from the Custom Calibers’ personalised collection that you definitely haven’t seen before!


Bullet pens are exactly what they sound like, they’re reclaimed bullets that’ve been modified to work as pens.

You’ve probably thought about buying pens for family or friends before, but they’re not quite interesting or niche enough for them to be anything more than a piece of stationery.

You could buy your groomsman a classy fountain pen, or a retro quill with a pot of ink, but these are more gimmicky than useful.

If you want to buy someone a pen that has a quirky and interesting style, but doesn’t compromise on usability, buy a bullet pen is the perfect fusion.

The reason this particular gift is perfect for groomsmen is the rugged manliness of the gift. Lots of men love games, they love sports and they love dangerous tools.

This pen itself isn’t dangerous, but it’s a live round that has been fired from an actual gun. Once you tell your groomsman that the pen you’ve bought him is fashioned from a live round, he’d find it difficult not to be impressed.

The pens we sell come in different styles from Nato 308 rounds, to AK-47 rounds which allows you to find the style of bullet pen most suited to the man you trust with your wedding ring.

As an added bonus, we offer an engraving service for £3 to allow you to write any message you want on the side of the pen. This is a prime opportunity to have a laugh with your groomsman or add a personalised sentiment if your chosen man isn’t the jokey type.


From the title of this section, you’ve probably started to notice a trend: all our products are centred around customised bullets to fit different situations.

Some men love to accessorise their office-wear with ties, shoes, and for the classiest of the bunch, cufflinks.

Building on the danger element we touched on in the bullet pen section of this blog, imagine how important your groomsman will feel, walking around the office with actual fired bullets hanging from his wrists.

Your groomsman will be over the moon with these cufflinks, especially with the newfound attention they’ll receive around the office.

Our bullet cufflinks come with varied plating colours such as gold, silver, and antique bronze.


Our third groomsman gift is the .50 Cal bullet lighter. Some people smoke, your groomsman might, which is what this section is banking on.

If you have a smoking groomsman, one who smokes, not one on fire, then they’ll need a lighter and considering one of the primary reasons to smoke is to look cool, producing a flame from a bullet is doubles the coolness factor.

The lighters come in Matt Black and Polished Raw Brass, and can be engraved with text or a logo, the same as our other bullet products.


These products are perfect groomsman gifts because they appeal to the raw sense of excitement that comes with guns and warfare.

If your groomsman is anything like us, he will love these gifts and the fact that you can engrave personal messages on any one of them makes the whole gift seem that much more personal.

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