Your big day is fast approaching, but there’s still so much for you to accomplish. Plans need to be executed, things need arranging, and your guests are already starting to RSVP.

Fortunately, you have bridesmaids and groomsmen who are doing everything they can to make sure your day runs smoothly. Naturally you’ll want to reward their loyalty, which is where groomsman gifts come into play.

Shopping for bridesmaids can be easy, but sourcing unique groomsmen gifts is a difficult task, especially without expert guidance from family, friends and, if all else fails, the groomsmen themselves.

Custom Calibers sells incredibly unique groomsman gifts that you wont find on Amazon, Ebay or your local gift shop as they are one off, personally engraved pieces created by ourselves.

In this post we’ll give you a list of products and explain exactly why they make perfect groomsman gifts.




I am an absolute sucker for pens. I’m the sort of person who keeps track of exactly where my favourite pen is as I get so used to writing with specific ones that I feel like other pens don’t even work.

I’m definitely not the only person in the world who likes stylish stationery, as most of my friends as me where I get mine. You’ll likely find at least one of your beloved groomsmen who’s into it and I can’t think of anything better than a bullet pen.

These pens are hand-crafted from two 7.62mm bullet casings and come in a multitude of colours from gun metal grey to antique copper. Best of all you can engrave a message onto the pen for an extra £3 which you can use to make the recipient laugh, or give them a serious thoughtful gift.

Engraved gifts are perfect for weddings and are a practical gift your groomsman will love.




As you’ve probably noticed, from the products on our website, the majority of what we sell is military based.

Bullet bottle openers are also great groomsman gifts, ones that your groomsmen can use at the wedding party. Not only is this a practical gift, it’s incredibly memorable because as far as bottle openers go, they don’t get much more bespoke than this.

These bottle openers can also be engraved and they not only come in a variety of colours, they come in a variety of bullet types. You can get a 308 to match the pen, a 20mm for something different, and a genuine 50 cal fired from a live weapon by UK forces.

When it comes to wedding gift ideas, these bottle openers are perfect for a good drink.




Whilst we’re on the topic of wedding parties and drinking, this seems like a good time to talk about our drinkware products.

Our creative 40mm grenade shot glass casings are a huge hit when it comes to man gift ideas. The laser engraving for this product isn’t restricted to words as you can actually send us a logo you want engraved instead.

We also sell a hip flask that comes with two grenade shot glasses for those of you looking to splash out. These come in an ammo crate package which ties up the whole military gift experience.

You can have the shot glasses, hip flasks and crate all engraved with either a message or a logo making it a completely unique groomsmen gift for any and all of your loyal wedding goers.

If your groomsmen are more mild mannered, preferring a cup of tea to hard shot of whiskey, our stainless steel powder coated mugs. Groomsman gifts don’t get much more memorable than this.




Another, less practical, gift is a bullet keychain. What this groomsman gift lacks in practicality it makes up for in personality.

Keychains have been around for a long time, and for good reason. They turn an otherwise boring set of keys into a snapshot of someone’s interests.

If you see someone with a Game of Thrones keychain you know they’re a fellow Thronite (I just made that up) and if they have a bullet keychain with a personally engraved message you know they have a macho side to them.

I often think of a set of keys as one of those charm bracelets people collect accessories for. However, keys are a more universally acceptable place to hang accessories than from your wrist.




If you’re in the market for fancier groomsman gifts, you can bless your guests with bullet cuff links and a tie pin.

Lots of men regularly wear suits and if they don’t, they’ll definitely be wearing one on your wedding day. Why settle for boring old diamond cuff links like everyone else, kit your groomsmen out with the deadliest cuff links they, or their co-workers have ever seen.

The tie pin in particular makes it look like you’ve been shot in the chest, a look that will have all eyes on you in the next board room meeting. The best word I can think of to describe this product is cool, very cool.

The cuff links come in a variety of colours and styles from silver to gold and although the cuff links themselves can’t be engraved, the wood box can be personalised with your own wording and choice of logo.




If you want to show your groomsmen that you’ve put some thought into your gift, buy a custom engraved lighter for one of the smokers.

Smokers are everywhere, I’m even friends with some myself, and it’s possible you’ve chosen one to be a groomsmen at your wedding.

As cigarettes rarely light themselves, this engraved lighter, which comes in many colours from pickle green to textured black, will turn a rizzla wrapped line of tobacco into a fully functioning cigarette.

Groomsman gifts don’t get more personal than that.





This concludes our article on the best groomsman gifts to buy for your wedding in 2019, I hope you found a useful and unique gift to buy your doting wedding guests.

If you’re ready to purchase any of the gifts we’ve mentioned in this piece go to the products section of our website and find the groomsman gift you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your wedding day!

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